STM Microcontroller Unlock/Reverse Engineer

ST Microelectronics MCU reverse engineer list:

GALxx Series mcu code recovery:

GAL16V8 GAL16V8A GAL20V8 GAL20V8A GAL22V10 GAL6001 ...

STM8Sxx Series mcu reverse engineer:

STM8S103 STM8S105 STM8S207 STM8S208 STM8S903 STM8S103F2 STM8S103F3 STM8S103K3 STM8S105C4 STM8S105C6 STM8S105K4 STM8S105K6 STM8S105S4 STM8S105S6 STM8S207C6 STM8S207C8 STM8S207CB STM8S207K6 STM8S207M8 STM8S207MB STM8S207R6 STM8S207R8 STM8S207RB STM8S207S6 STM8S207S8 STM8S207SB STM8S208C6 STM8S208C8 STM8S208CB STM8S208M8 STM8S208MB STM8S208R6 STM8S208R8 STM8S208RB STM8S208S6 STM8S208S8 STM8S208SB STM8S903F3 STM8S903K3 ...

STM8Lxx Series mcu code recovery:

STM8L101F2 STM8L101F3 STM8L101G2 STM8L101G3 STM8L101K3 STM8L151C4 STM8L151C6 STM8L151G4 STM8L151G6 STM8L151K4 STM8L151K6 STM8L152C4 STM8L152C6 STM8L152K4 STM8L152K6 ...

STM32Fxx Series mcu source code recovery :

STM32F100V STM32F101 STM32F103 STM32F105 STM32F107RC STM32F205 STM32F207 STM32F215 STM32F217 STM32F405 STM32F407 STM32F415 STM32F417 STM32L151 STM32L152 STM32F101RE STM32F101RD STM32F205RC STM32F101VE STM32F101VD STM32F100RE STM32F103RE STM32F100VE STM32F100RD STM32F103RD STM32F100VD STM32F103VD STM32F100ZD STM32F205VC STM32F207VC STM32F205ZC STM32F105VC STM32F105RC STM32F101RC STM32F107RC STM32F101VC STM32F107VC STM32F101ZC STM32F100RC STM32F103RC STM32F100VC STM32F103VC STM32F100ZC STM32F205RB STM32L151CB STM32L152CB STM32L151RB STM32L152RB STM32F205VB STM32F105VB STM32L152VB STM32F103ZC STM32F103TB STM32F101CB STM32F103CB STM32F101RB STM32F103RB STM32F101VB STM32F107VB STM32F101TB STM32F100CC STM32F102CB STM32F100RB STM32F102RB STM32F100VB STM32F103VB STM32F103C8 STM32F102C8 STM32F103C6 STM32F102C6 STM32F103C4 STM32F102C4 STM32L151R8 STM32F105R8 STM32F103T8 STM32F101T8 STM32F101C8 STM32F100C8 STM32L151C6 STM32F101R8 STM32F100R8 STM32L151R6 STM32F101R6 STM32F100R6 STM32F101R4 STM32F100R4 STM32F407VG STM32F417VG STM32F407ZG STM32F417ZG STM32F405RG STM32F415RG STM32F405VG STM32F415VG STM32F405ZG STM32F415ZG STM32F207VG STM32F217VG STM32F207ZG STM32F217ZG STM32F205RG STM32F215RG STM32F205VG STM32F215VG STM32F205ZG STM32F215ZG STM32F101RG STM32F103RG STM32F101VG STM32F103VG STM32F101ZG STM32F103ZG STM32F205RF STM32F101RF STM32F103RF STM32F205VF STM32F101VF STM32F407VE STM32F207VE STM32F207VF STM32F103VF STM32F417VE STM32F217VE STM32F215VE STM32F103VE STM32F205ZF STM32F101ZF STM32F407ZE STM32F207ZE STM32F205ZE STM32F101ZE STM32F100ZE STM32F101ZD STM32F103ZD STM32F207ZC STM32F207IC STM32F103VE STM32F207ZF STM32F103ZF STM32F417ZE STM32F217ZE STM32F215ZE STM32F407IE STM32F207IE STM32F417IE STM32F217IE STM32F207IF STM32F207IG STM32F217IG STM32F407IG STM32F417IG STM32F205RE STM32F215RE STM32F205VE STM32F722IC STM32F722IE STM32F723IC STM32F723IE STM32F732IE STM32F733IE STM32F745IE STM32F745IG STM32F746IE STM32F746IG STM32F756IG STM32F765IG STM32F765II STM32F767IG STM32F767II STM32F777II STM32F745IE STM32F745VE STM32F745IG STM32F745VG STM32F745ZE STM32F745ZG STM32F746VG STM32F746ZG STM32F746IG STM32F746BG STM32F746NG STM32F746IE STM32F746VE STM32F746ZE STM32F746BE STM32F746NE STM32F756VG STM32F756ZG STM32F756IG STM32F756BG STM32F756NG STM32F746IGT6 STM32F746NEH6 STM32F746NGH6 STM32F746VET6 STM32F746VGH6 STM32F746ZET6 STM32F746ZGT6 STM32F750N8H6 STM32F750V8T6 STM32F750Z8T6 STM32F756BGT6 STM32F756IGK6 STM32F756IGT6 STM32F756NGH6 STM32F756NGH6U STM32F756VGT6U STM32F756ZGT6 STM32F756ZGT6U STM32F756ZGY6TR STM32F765BIT6...

STM32Lxx Series mcu source code recovery:

STM32L100RB STM32L152C6-A STM32L100C6 STM32L152C8 STM32L151R8-A STM32L152VB STM32L151C8-A STM32L152R8 STM32L151VB STM32L162RC STM32L100C6-A STM32L152C8-A STM32L151RB STM32L152VB-A STM32L151CB STM32L152R8-A STM32L151VB-A STM32L162RC-A STM32L100R8 STM32L152CB STM32L151RB-A STM32L152VC STM32L151CB-A STM32L152RB STM32L151VC STM32L162RD STM32L100R8-A STM32L152CB-A STM32L151RC STM32L152VC-A STM32L151CC STM32L152RB-A STM32L151VC-A STM32L162RE STM32L100RB STM32L152CC STM32L151RC-A STM32L152VD STM32L151QC STM32L152RC STM32L151VD STM32L162VC STM32L100RB-A STM32L152QC STM32L151RD STM32L152VE STM32L151QD STM32L152RC-A STM32L151VE STM32L162VC-A STM32L100RC STM32L152QD STM32L151RE STM32L152ZC STM32L151QE STM32L152RD STM32L151ZC STM32L162VD STM32L151C6 STM32L152QE STM32L151UC STM32L152ZD STM32L151R6 STM32L152RE STM32L151ZD STM32L162VE STM32L151C6-A STM32L152R6 STM32L151V8 STM32L152ZE STM32L151R6-A STM32L152V8 STM32L151ZE STM32L162ZD STM32L151C8 STM32L152R6-A STM32L151V8-A STM32L162QD STM32L151R8 STM32L152V8-A STM32L152C6 STM32L162ZE ...

ST62E/63Exx Series mcu eeprom reverse engineer:

ST62E01 ST62E18CF1 ST62E20CF1 ST62E20 ST62E25 ST62E28CF1 ST62E28C6 ST62E30B ST62E32BF1 ST62E40BG1 ST62E42BG1 ST62E46BG1 ST62E60 ST62E62 ST62E65 ST62E80B ST62E85BG1 ST62E01C ST63E73 ST62E01 ST62E01CF1 ST62E18CF1 ST62E20CF1 ST62E20 ST62E20B ST62E20C ST62E25 ST62E25C ST62E25CF1 ST62E28CF1 ST62E28C6 ST62E30B ST62E30BF1 ST62E32BF1 ST62E40BG1 ST62E42BG1 ST62E46BG1 ST62E60B ST62E60C ST62E62CF1 ST62E62B ST62E62C ST62E65B ST62E65C ST62E65CF1 ST62E80B ST62E80BG1 ST62E85BG1 ST62E01C ... ...

ST62Txx Series mcu code recovery:

ST62T00 ST62T00C ST62T01 ST62T01C ST62T03 ST62T03C ST62T08 ST62T08C ST62T09 ST62T09C ST62T10 ST62T10C ST62T15 ST62T15C ST62T18C ST62T18C6 ST62T20 ST62T20B ST62T20C ST62T25 ST62T25C ST62T28C ST62T28C6 ST62T30B ST62T32B ST62T40B ST62T42B ST62T46B ST62T52B ST62T52C ST62T53B ST62T53C ST62T55B ST62T55C ST62T60B ST62T60C ST62T60C6 ST62T62B ST62T62C ST62T63B ST62T63C ST62T65B ST62T65C ST62T80B ST62T85B(Q6) ST63E73 ST72C104G1M ST72C104G1B ST62T85B ...

ST72Cxx Series mcu firmware duplication:

ST72C104G2B ST72C104G2M ST72C124J2B ST72C124J2T ST72C215G1B ST72C215G1M ST72C215G2B ST72C215G2M ST72C216G1B ST72C216G1M ST72C216G2B ST72C216G2M ST72C254G1B ST72C254G1M ST72C254G2B ST72C254G2M ST72C314J2B ST72C314J2T ST72C314J4B ST72C314J4T ST72C314N2 ST72C314N4 ST72C314N4 ST72C314N2B ST72C314N2T ST72C314N4B ST72C314N4T ST72C334N2B ST72C334N2T ST72C334N4B ST72C334N4T ...

ST72Fxx Series mcu eeprom code recovery:

ST72F260G1B6 ST72F260G1M6 ST72F262G1B6 ST72F262G1M6 ST72F262G2B6 ST72F262G2M6 ST72F264G1B6 ST72F264G1M6 ST72F264G2B6 ST72F264G2H1 ST72F264G2H6 ST72F264G2M6 ST72F321AR6T6 ST72F321AR6TA ST72F321AR7T6 ST72F321AR7TA ST72F321AR9T6 ST72F321AR9TA ST72F321AR9TC ST72F321BAR6T6 ST72F321BAR6TA ST72F321BAR7T6 ST72F321BAR7TA ST72F321BAR9T6 SST72F321BAR9TA ST72F321BAR9TC ST72F321BJ7T6 ST72F63BK6B ST72F651AR6T ...

ST72Txx Series mcu eeprom data reverse engineer:

ST72T101G1B ST72T101G1M ST72T101G2B ST72T101G2M ST72T121J2B ST72T121J2T ST72T121J4B ST72T121J4T ST72T141K2B ST72T141K2M ST72T212G1B ST72T212G1M ST72T212G2B ST72T212G2M ST72T213G1B ST72T213G1M ST72T213G2B ST72T213G2M ST72T251G1B ST72T251G1M ST72T251G2B ST72T251G2M ST72T272K2B ST72T272K4B ST72T272K4M ST72T311J2B ST72T311J2T ST72T311J4B ST72T311J4T ST72T311N2B ST72T311N2T ST72T311N4B ST72T311N4T ST72T311R6T ST72T311R7T ST72T311R9T ST72T331J2B ST72T331J4B ST72T331J2T ST72T331J4T ...

ST92Fxx Series mcu source code recover:

ST92F120V1 ST92F120JV1 ST92F120JV9 ST92F120V9 ST92F124R9 ST92F124V1 ST92F124V1 ST92F1 50CV1 ST92F150CV1 ST92F150CV9 ST92F150JDV1 ST92F250CV2 ST92F150JDV1 ST92F250CV2 ...

PSDxx Series mcu reverse engineer:

PSD211R PSD301 PSD302 PSD303 PSD311 PSD312 PSD313 PSD813F1 PSD813F2 PSD813F3 PSD813F5 PSD833F2 ...

uPSDxx Series mcu firmware code retreive:

uPSD3212C uPSD3233B uPSD3234 uPSD3253B uPSD3254 uPSD3312D uPSD3333D uPSD3334D uPSD3354D uPSD3422E uPSD3433E uPSD3434E uPSD3454E ...

Please visit the MCU brands link below to see the IC list, however, it is quite impossible to list all the part numbers YourLogo can unlock here, and YourLogo is always researching new types of microcontrollers, but may not be able to update them here, if you do not find your chip type here, please contact us.

About STMicroelectronics:

STMicroelectronics is a world leader in providing semiconductor solutions that contribute positively to people's lives, today and the future. Offering one of the industry's largest product divisions, STMicroelectronics is a world leader in providing semiconductor solutions that contribute positively to people's lives, today and the future. By achieving more than technology to achieve more than life, ST stands for life.

STM32 is the third ARM family by STMicroelectronics. This follows their earlier STR9 family based on ARM9E cores and the STR7 family based on ARM7TDMI cores. The following is the history of how the STM32 family has evolved.

ST is a leading semiconductor manufacturing company with net revenues of US$ 9.66 billion as of 2018.

One can find ST’s products anywhere in the today’s world, and they are enabling smarter driving and smarter factories, homes and cities, along with the next generation of mobile and Internet of Things devices.

It is surveyed that 80% of all the innovations in the auto industry today are directly or indirectly using electronics technology, that means a constant increase in the use of semiconductor content per car year after year. Company’s smart driving products and solutions are making driving safer, greener and more connected through the combination of several of their technologies.


The Industrial electronics sector encompasses a wide variety of applications, many of which serve well-established industries. The introduction of new technologies and services associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving new growth in these industries.

Smart Industry initiatives such as Industry 4.0 or IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) are driving machines, factories and workplaces to become more efficient, more intelligent & aware, more connected and safer for the people working there.

Smart Home and City initiatives are driving similar trends with the adoption of smart technologies in areas such as lighting, transportation and parking, farming, asset sharing, climate monitoring, waste collection, and home automation.

High levels of innovation are required to deliver solutions that meet the specific need of the diverse applications in the industrial market. For example, power and energy management technologies are needed for power ranging from microwatts in home appliances to megawatts in factory motors and connectivity solutions that can cover a range of data rates as well as distances from centimeters to tens of kilometers.

Enabling technologies for the evolution of the industrial market include pervasive embedded processing such as Artificial Intelligence capabilities, wired and wireless connectivity, security and protection, innovative power technologies, cloud & edge computing, and big data analysis.

Over 30 years of continuous investment and experience in the industrial market has allowed ST to develop a portfolio of technologies, products and solutions that offer our customer tailored solutions for different applications. For demanding industrial applications there is no one-size-fits-all but ST has the ability to deliver solutions for all.


It is estimated that 80% of all innovations in the automotive industry today are directly or indirectly enabled by electronics. With vehicle functionality improving with every new model, this means a continuous increase in the semiconductor content per car.

With over 30 years’ experience in automotive electronics, ST is a solid, innovative, and reliable partner with whom to build the future of transportation. ST's Smart Driving products and automotive solutions are making driving safer, greener and more connected through the combination of several of our technologies.

ST supports a wide range of automotive applications, from Powertrain for ICE, Chassis and Safety, Body and Convenience to Telematics & Infotainment, paving the way to the new era of car electrification, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), car connectivity and security.

Personal Electronics

Personal electronics covers a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets & eReaders, wearable devices, personal care and hygiene products, gaming devices, drones, audio-video equipment, and virtual & augmented reality devices. They have become part of our daily lives and we expect them to be reliable, and easy to use and capable of delivering the performance we need with a great user experience.

Developers are innovating along different axes in the key technologies for each these categories to create the next generation of devices. Although the needs of these devices are diverse they also have a number of things in common. They need to deliver the best performance, whether it is audio-video capture and playback, activity tracking, personal grooming, immersive gaming or autonomous flight capability. They need to have optimized power consumption for maximum battery life. They need to have an enhanced user interface designed to optimize the user experience. And they need to have the right connectivity and the ability to protect the personal data of users captured or stored on the device.

ST provides a range of products to help designers meet these challenges. This includes products to enhance the user experience such as sensors, microphones, Time-of-Flight solutions, image and optical sensors, and touch-sensor controllers. We offer products to protect and secure devices such as ESD protection, EMI filtering products, and secure solutions including NFC. We also offer power and energy management products optimized for battery powered devices and solutions to improve connectivity with our RF product offer.

Communications Equipment, Computers and Peripherals

The continuously growing number of smartphone and other connected devices, combined with the new usage possibilities and applications offered by successive generations of technology has generated a huge growth in the amount of data on the Internet. The overall bandwidth and storage requirements are forecast to continue to grow exponentially with the introduction of 5G services, the further development of the Internet of Things, and Cloud services.

To sustain this deluge of data, communications equipment needs to constantly evolve, bringing more performance, more flexibility and reliability, while ensuring strong security and maintaining extremely power-efficient operation.

With its broad portfolio of products and strong expertize in communication and computing, ST is able to serve the industry throughout the whole infrastructure chain. We offer differentiated solutions for data centers, mobile, satellite and broadband communications systems, as well as for enterprise servers, SOHO equipment, computers and peripherals.

As a silicon technology innovator, we bring our advanced production-proven technology platforms to our customers along with our expertise in developing high performance, low power ASICs, covering digital, analog, RF, millimeter wave and optical systems for infrastructure and networking applications.

In addition, we offer a complete set of power management solutions, a large range of microcontrollers, sensors, connectivity and security solutions, as well as interfaces and transceivers, protection devices and analog components, which allow our customers to build highly-efficient advanced communication equipment, computers and peripherals.

IoT Applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening the potential for billions of connected smart devices to communicate with each other using the nearly ubiquitous Internet Protocol technology. The IoT enables almost any system to leverage the Internet and the eco-system of Cloud Computing in order to innovate and make a diverse range of objects smarter and more aware. The growth in the number of internet-connected devices is driven by the broad availability of high quality, reliable wireless connectivity, as well as low cost low power embedded components.

While IoT devices come in many different form factors, they all require common functional building blocks such as processing and security, sensing and actuating, connectivity, signal conditioning, protection, power and energy management.

ST supports IoT developers with a broad portfolio of semiconductor building blocks as well as an ecosystem of modular hardware and software building blocks that enables rapid the development and prototyping of an ever-expanding range of innovative IoT devices and applications.

Electronic systems and equipment can be divided into sub-systems, with each designed to accomplish a particular set of tasks that, when working all together, achieve a specific objective. While many different ways to partition a given system exists, a practical and useful way is to look at it from the angle of which particular function a given sub-system provides to the overall system.

From this viewpoint, a sensing function adds the capability to capture the value of physical variables while connectivity – and especially cloud connectivity – ensures the system or equipment can connect to other systems and networks. Similarly, security and motor control functions are an integral part of most electronic systems and equipment.

Here we have put together our range of products, evaluation and development tools, software and technical resources to help engineers and developers rapidly take advantage of the variety of solutions we have to add a particular function to their system design.

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